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The Civ4ReligionInfo file describes all aspects of the game's religions: art, Civilopedia text, city bonuses, and technology prerequisites, to name just a few.

All tags must be opened and closed; the first is the "open", the second the "close" tag. If nothing goes inside a "list tag", then it should just be the opening tag with a "/" before the closing bracket. The following tables contain all available tags, as well as their purpose and accepted values.

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These tags typically bracket other tags, sometimes the entire file, and are generally used to specify more than one piece of data.

Tag Name Description
ReligionInfos This begins and ends the entire file.
ReligionInfo This begins and ends the entry for each religion.


Tag Name Description
Type The internal name of this religion, as used by the game engine (prefixed with RELIGION_ by default).
Description A tag reference to an entry in the text files controlling the language-specific display name of this religion.
Adjective A reference to an entry in the text files controlling the adjective for this religion (e.g. Christian, Buddhist, etc.).
Civilopedia A tag reference to an entry in the text files containing the Civilopedia's historical text for the religion.
TechPrereq The name of the technology that "unlocks" this religion (i.e. allows the first civilization to research this technology to found the given religion).
FreeUnitClass In conjunction with iFreeUnits, specifies the type of unit provided for free upon discovery (default is 1 missionary for the founders of Taoism, Christianity, Confucianism, and Islam). This helps the player to spread the religion.
MovieSound A reference to an entry in the Audio2DScripts file, containing the sound for this religion's founding video.
Sound A reference to an entry in the Audio2DScripts file, containing the sound that is played when a missionary spreads this religion.


All of these tags have a numerical value. Though it sometimes can be negative, it usually is not.

Tag Name Description
iFreeUnits Defines how many units of type FreeUnitClass (see above) are provided to the player.
iSpreadFactor Unknown exactly. Presumably controls the automatic, natural spread rate of this religion. All default religions have a value of 100.
iGlobalReligionCommerce See GlobalReligionCommerces. Increases the gold, beakers, and culture per turn for the religion's shrine by this amount.
iHolyCityCommerce See HolyCityCommerces. Increases the gold, beakers, and culture per turn in the holy city by this amount.
iStateReligionCommerce See StateReligionCommerces. Increases the gold, beakers, and culture per turn in the religion's cities by this amount.

Lists (Multi-line)

All List tags consist of an opening/closing tag, which is shown here, and then each entry within it is another tag with the same name as the parent tag, minus the "s" (i.e. singular, rather than plural).

Tag Name Description
GlobalReligionCommerces With the iGlobalReligionCommerce tag, this controls the benefits provided by a religion's shrine to gold, beakers, and culture per turn. Default is +1 gold per turn for each city with the religion.
HolyCityCommerces With the iHolyCityCommerce tag, this describes the change in gold, beakers, and culture per turn for the holy city of the given religion. Default is +4 culture per turn.
StateReligionCommerces In conjunction with the iStateReligionCommerce tag, this describes the yield in each city for gold, beakers, and culture per turn (in that order). The default is +1 culture per turn if the state religion is present in the city.


These tags are directly related to the rendering of art for the entry.

Tag Name Description
Button Defines the directory path for the religion's main button (see example text).
TechButton Defines the directory path for the image used on the tech tree screen (see example text).
GenericTechButton Unclear. Specifies the directory path for the generic tech tree button (see example text).
MovieFile Provides the directory path for the founding movie.


In the following example of code, please note that there is a specific order of all of the tags. You must list the tags in this order for the game to properly interpret your file.





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