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The Civ4YieldInfos file describes the three types of yields on the city screen (food, hammers, and commerce per turn), as well as various modifiers that affect their output.

All tags must be opened and closed; the first is the "open", the second the "close" tag. If nothing goes inside a "list tag", then it should just be the opening tag with a "/" before the closing bracket. The following tables contain all available tags, as well as their purpose and accepted values.

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These tags typically bracket other tags, sometimes the entire file, and are generally used to specify more than one piece of data.

Tag Name Description
YieldInfos This begins and ends the entire file.
YieldInfo This contains the info for each type of yield: food, hammers, and commerce.


Tag Name Description
Type This is the name of the yield type, used internally by the game.
Description This is a tag referencing an entry in the text files, describing the particular type of yield.
ColorType This refers to a color specified in the Civ4ColorVals file (as expected, food and commerce are somewhat orange/yield in color and hammers are bluish).


All of these tags have a numerical value. Though it sometimes can be negative, it usually is not.

Tag Name Description
iAIWeightPercent Used to control the AI's strategy and weighting of individual yields. For example, the AI weights hammers more than commerce.
iCityChange Unknown. Might affect the city center yields.
iGoldenAgeYield If the player enters a golden age and iGoldenAgeYieldThreshold is met, increases the output by this amount.
iGoldenAgeYieldThreshold The minimum number of yield per turn for the iGoldenAgeYield bonus to kick in (i.e. all tiles producing 1 or more hammers will produce an extra hammer during a golden age).
iHillsChange Increases the yield on hills by this amount (e.g. food has a value of -1, meaning hills produce less food).
iLakeChange Increases the yield on lake tiles by this amount (e.g. food has a value of 1, meaning lakes produce an extra food per turn).
iMinCity The minimum yield per turn that a city can have. For food, this is 2. For hammers and commerce, this is 1.
iPeakChange Default is 0. If not zero, increases the yield on peak/mountain tiles by this amount.
iTradeModifier Unknown exactly. Commerce has a value of 100, while food and hammers have values of 0. Might affect trade routes.

Lists (Multi-line)

All List tags consist of an opening/closing tag, which is shown here, and then each entry within it is another tag with the same name as the parent tag, minus the "s" (i.e. singular, rather than plural).

Tag Name Description
SymbolPaths This contains multiple uses of the SymbolPaths tag to list the various directory paths for yield icons.


These tags are directly related to the rendering of art for the entry.

Tag Name Description
SymbolPath Each entry of this tag contains the directory path to a unique yield icon.


In the following example of code, please note that there is a specific order of all of the tags. You must list the tags in this order for the game to properly interpret your file.





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