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This page is a part of the Lua and UI Reference (Civ5).

ID.png The AreaID pseudo-type is actually a regular integer. Pseudo-types do not exist in Lua, they only serve a documentation purpose on the wiki!

Used by

table(int => int) ObtainLandmassBoundaries(AreaID areaID)
AreaID Area:GetID()
bool AssignStartingPlots:CanPlaceCityStateAt(int x, int y, AreaID area_ID, int force_it, int ignore_collisions)
unknown AssignStartingPlots:ChopIntoThreeRegions(unknown fertility_table, table rectangle_data_table, bool taller, unknown chopPercent = nil)
unknown AssignStartingPlots:ChopIntoTwoRegions(unknown fertility_table, table rectangle_data_table, bool taller, float chopPercent)
AssignStartingPlots:DivideIntoRegions(int numDivisions, unknown fertility_table, table rectangle_data_table)
unknown, AreaID, AreaID AssignStartingPlots:MeasureStartPlacementFertilityOfLandmass(AreaID areaID, AreaID westX, int eastX, AreaID southY, int northY, bool wrapsX, bool wrapsY)
table(int => int), table(int => int), unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown AssignStartingPlots:ObtainNextSectionInRegion(int incoming_west_x, int incoming_south_y, int incoming_width, int incoming_height, AreaID areaID, int force_it, int ignore_collisions)
iterator(AreaID, Area) Map.Areas()
Area Map.GetArea(AreaID areaID)
AreaID Plot:GetArea()
AreaID Plot:GetNearestLandArea()
Plot:SetArea(AreaID area)

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