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There are now two community-created expanded editors available for Civilization III. This page gives a summary of them.

Steph's Editor

The expanded editor for Civilization III is a fan-made editor that gives many new options, and make modding a much easier task.

Click here to download the expanded editor

Forum thread about the editor at Civilization Fanatics Center

The main features of the expanded editor are:

- Possibility to have the same name for several objects,

- Reordering of items, one by one, or several at the same time,

- Possibility to change an attribute for several objects at the same time,

- Delete a whole selection of object in one click. When objects are deleted, all the other items are properly updated

- Advance copy options, to easily create many flavour units for example

- Extended filtering options, to list only the item meeting some criterias

- Graphical tech tree builder

- Preview of civpedia icons and contains of ini files for easy correction of mistakes, and prevent missing files when playing the game.

Current Version: 0.8.2, released 16 January 2010