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(compiling a list of tutorials, guides, and resources on Civ3 modding from the C&C forum)
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[ How to add Improvements and Wonders in C3C] by Ukas
[ How to add Improvements and Wonders in C3C] by Ukas

[Unit Sounds Tutorial] by Vuldacon
[ Unit Sounds Tutorial] by Vuldacon

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There are a number of modding tutorials and guides in the Civfanatics Forums covering a variety of specific or general topics.

Da Rules - Explained by bluemofia: An explanation of all settings and controls in the C3C editor and their effects in-game

Creation Resource Library by sourboy: A collection of links to helpful websites for mod research and resources

Research URLs for Mod Makers by ozymandias: More links for mod research, organized by subject

FUBAR Editor Documentation by ozymandias: Clarifications of many of the vague descriptions found in the Editor's on-line help documentation.

Mobilize's City List Library by Mobilize: Extensive city lists for many civilizations

Tutorials, References, and Guides: Library by polyphemus: A collection of helpful forum threads

ADDING UNITs TO C3C: Thorough Guide for the Newbie by Colonel Kraken: a thorough guide to adding new units to C3C, assuming no previous modding experience

Tutorial: adding new terrain tiles with hex editor by embryodead: a guide to using a hex editor to unlock new landmark terrain types in a BIQ (advanced modding)

How to add resources to C3C - A guide by Ginger_Ale: a tutorial on adding new natural resources to a C3C scenario

Tutorial: Making a units_32 pic by zulu9812

How to create palette for units by Steph

How to Mod the Territory.pcx file by Pounder

How to add Improvements and Wonders in C3C by Ukas

Unit Sounds Tutorial by Vuldacon