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There are a number of modding tutorials and guides in the Civfanatics Forums covering a variety of specific or general topics.

Da Rules - Explained by bluemofia: An explanation of all settings and controls in the C3C editor and their effects in-game

Creation Resource Library by sourboy: A collection of links to helpful websites for mod research and resources

Research URLs for Mod Makers by ozymandias: More links for mod research, organized by subject

FUBAR Editor Documentation by ozymandias: Clarifications of many of the vague descriptions found in the Editor's on-line help documentation.

Mobilize's City List Library by Mobilize: Extensive city lists for many civilizations

Tutorials, References, and Guides: Library by polyphemus: A collection of helpful forum threads

ADDING UNITs TO C3C: Thorough Guide for the Newbie by Colonel Kraken: a thorough guide to adding new units to C3C, assuming no previous modding experience

Tutorial: adding new terrain tiles with hex editor by embryodead: a guide to using a hex editor to unlock new landmark terrain types in a BIQ (advanced modding)

How to add resources to C3C - A guide by Ginger_Ale: a tutorial on adding new natural resources to a C3C scenario

Tutorial: Making a units_32 pic by zulu9812

How to create palette for units by Steph

How to Mod the Territory.pcx file by Pounder

How to add Improvements and Wonders in C3C by Ukas

[Unit Sounds Tutorial] by Vuldacon