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These files control the text that is shown in the game.

Tag Reference

Tag - the tag that's used to reference the text by the rest of the game, in the form of TXT_KEY_SOMETHING

English - the text in English

French - the text in French

German - the text in German

Italian - the text in Italian

Spanish - the text in Spanish

Gender - Male or Female, used with languages that assign each noun a gender.

Plural - 0 = singular, 1 = plural. Many text keys have 0:1 to include both singular and plural. Usually used where the plural is something different than an 's' added to the end.


 <Civ4GameText xmlns="">

Text Files

Unlike other XML files, these files can have any name and still be recognized by the game. Most epic game files are Civ4GameText_*, but a file could be named anything. For example, Assets\Text\XML\Buildings.xml would be recognized by the game without any SDK changes. This can be done with no other type of XML file.