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Getting started

Get a tour.

If you have no idea about modding and what are Lua and Xml, you should give a look at Civ5 Modding Explained.

Read the guide.

The best introduction to civ5 modding is still the Kael's Guide. However it was written a long time ago and some information is obsolete or missing.

Import your files into VFS.

The main change since Kael wrote his guide is about the VFS (Virtual File System). Forgetting to import files into the VFS is the common source of problems for beginners.

Get the right tools for the job.

See Civ5 Useful Programs. You should have installed the SDK of course, but it is also strongly recommended that you get a tool to search in all civ5 files at once, to compensate for the lack of documentation. You may also need additional softwares to extract and read the textures, test and debug your mod, etc.

Modify your ini files.

See Debugging#Configuration.


See also the Modding tutorials section on the forums.
Also note that the XML and Lua sections each contain specific tutorials, articles and extensive documentation.


Common tasks

Specific topics