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This page outlines the various policies on the Civilization Modding Wiki.

What to do if you find vandalism

Occasionally you may come across a page that has been vandalized, typically with spam links on the page. Please don't just hit edit and remove the links, as the vandal will often delete a part of the page and place the links in its place. Instead:

  • Go to the page's history and use the "undo" button to revert the edit
  • If for some reason you don't have that button , please contact either Deanej or Ginger Ale and one of us will fix the vandalism (as well as block the vandal).
  • If there is more than one vandalism revision since the last good one (check recent changes), you will want to open up an old version of the page in history, hit edit, and overwrite the later (vandalized) versions. Please make sure that the later revisions are only vandalism so that you do not delete constructive content.
  • If the vandalism is the only edit on the page (ie, the vandal created the page), delete everything on the page (make it blank); Either Deanej or Ginger Ale may delete the page so that it's easier to see what needs to be written and to reduce clutter on the wiki.

Deletion Policy

Pages may be deleted if it was created by a spam bot and has no meaningful content, if it was determined that it should be merged into another page, has no content relevant to our purpose, or for other reasons that may come up in the future. If you feel a page has been deleted in error, please contact either Deanej or Ginger Ale.

User and discussion pages that have been created by spam bots may be blanked rather than deleted.

Protection Policy

Pages may be protected if they have been vandalized/spammed (this includes pages created by spam bots) or if they are major enough to warrant preemptive blocking (such as the main page).

Copyright Policy

There is currently no specific policy on copyrighted work. However, illegal material is NOT ALLOWED and common sense applies.