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The CvDawnOfMan file is a python interface file that controls the appearance of the screen you get after first starting a game, called the "Dawn of Man" screen. It defines the popup screen and everything in it.

The Python files are written in the python programming language. They can be edited in a text editor such as notepad or in a programming editor like Python's IDLE.

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Below is a list of all the functions in the file. Each function has a quick description attached to it. Note that there are comments strewn throughout some of these files, direct from the developers in order to aid the potential modders.

Function Parameters Description
def _init_ self, screenID Initializes variables, including screen dimensions
def interfaceScreen self Creates a popup to display the opening text
def handleInput self, inputClass Called when you get input like a button being clicked
def update self, fDelta Updates the screen (every frame?)
def onClose self Called when you close the screen
def calculateSizesAndPositions self Calculates size and position of screen


This example is a quick idea of what you can do with functions in this file. It adds your leaderhead art to the screen.

# Leaderhead graphic
szLeaderPanel = "DawnOfManLeaderPanel"
screen.addPanel( szLeaderPanel, "", "", true, false,
	 self.X_LEADER_ICON - 3, self.Y_LEADER_ICON - 5, self.W_LEADER_ICON + 6, self.H_LEADER_ICON + 8, PanelStyles.PANEL_STYLE_DAWNTOP )
screen.addLeaderheadGFC("LeaderHead", self.player.getLeaderType(), AttitudeTypes.ATTITUDE_PLEASED,
	 self.X_LEADER_ICON + 5, self.Y_LEADER_ICON + 5, self.W_LEADER_ICON - 10, self.H_LEADER_ICON - 10, WidgetTypes.WIDGET_GENERAL, -1, -1)


_DebugTools; PitBoss:




pyHelper; pyUnit; pyWB:




Note: this list is for Beyond the Sword 3.19; other versions may not have all these files.