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The CvRandom file handles generating random numbers and serializing them

The SDK is written in C++ and divided between header files (.h) and source files (.cpp). The header files contain all the unique classes used for Civ4; you will probably not be adding any new classes. They also hold lists of all the functions in the corresponding .cpp files, and their parameters. These files are divided into public, private, and protected areas, with variables and functions listed in each. The source files hold all the functions and the code - the meat of the SDK. Toying around with these will change AI behavior and let you mod the 'basic' parts of the game - sliders, traits, city structure, tiles, etc.

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Below is a list of all the functions in the file. Each function has a quick description attached to it. Note that there are comments strewn throughout some of these files, direct from the developers in order to aid the potential modders. All these functions are in the class CvRandom.

Function Parameters Return Type Description
CvRandom::CvRandom() None Void Calls reset without a defined value for ulSeed making it zero
CvRandom::CvRandom() None Void Calls uninit which does nothing
CvRandom::init() Unsigned long ulSeed Void Restores the value of m_ulRandomSeed to ulSeed
CvRandom::uninit() None Void Does nothing and is called with reset and the destructor
CvRandom::reset() Unsigned long ulSeed Void Calls uninit before doing anything and then sets m_ulRandomSeed to ulSeed if ulSeed is not passed sets it to zero.
CvRandom::get() Unsigned short usNum, const TCHAR* pszLog Unsigned short If logging is enabled it writes the current seed and turn slice to the log. It then does a set transformation to m_ulRandomSeed before doing a set of bitwise operations to return a semi random unsigned short
CvRandom::getFloat() None Float Returns the result of get with usNum as the largest unsigned short divided by the largest unsigned short each of which are made into floats prior to the division
CvRandom::reseed() Unsigned long ulNewValue Void Resets m_ulRandomSeed to ulNewValue
CvRandom::getSeed() None Unsigned long Returns the current m_ulRandomSeed
CvRandom::read() FDataStreamBase* pStream Void Calls reset and then reads a value from pStream to m_ulRandomSeed
CvRandom::write() FDataStreamBase* pStream Void Writes m_ulRandomSeed to pStream





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Note: this file list is for Beyond the Sword 3.19; other versions/patches may have slightly different files.