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This page is a part of the Lua and UI Reference (Civ5).

Function.png This function is a member of Events.

This is a static method, invoke it with a dot.

This event is triggered when a city is created.


void Events.SerialEventCityCreated(Vector2 vHexPos, PlayerID player, CityID cityID, ArtStyleType artStyleType, EraType eraType, int continent, int populationSize, int size, int fogState)

Event Type

Regular event: you can subscribe to it through Events.SerialEventCityCreated.Add(<function handler>) or invoke it directly through Events.SerialEventCityCreated(<arguments list>).


vHexPos: Vector3 containing city x,y,z coordinates which can be converted to map coordinates with the ToGridFromHex function
e.g. local iX, iY = ToGridFromHex( vHexPos.x, vHexPos.y )
player: ID of the player who owns the created city; index into global Players table
cityID: ID of the city that was created; note IDs are specific to player and not truly unique
artStyleType: art style of city graphics; compare with types from ArtStyleTypes table (e.g. GameInfoTypes.ARTSTYLE_ASIAN)
eraType: era of city graphics; compare with types from Eras table (e.g. GameInfoTypes.ERA_ANCIENT)
continent: ID of continent where city is located
populationSize: unknown; name based on reference in original game files (UnitFlagManager.lua and CityBannerManager.lua)
size: unknown; name based on reference in original game files (UnitFlagManager.lua and CityBannerManager.lua)
fogState: visibility of this city for Active Player
0 = tile completely hidden by FoW
1 = tile revealed but not currently in vision
2 = tile in vision

Source code samples

Redundant occurences have been removed.


Events.SerialEventCityCreated.Add( OnCityCreated );


Events.SerialEventCityCreated.Add( OnChangeEvent );

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