GameEvents.CityCanTrain (Civ5 API)

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This page is a part of the Lua and UI Reference (Civ5).

Function.png This function is a member of GameEvents.

This is a static method, invoke it with a dot.

This works exactly the same as CityCanConstruct but for units instead. Note however that the prerequisites for training units that are defined in the XML files have to be met before this event fires. Thus this event can be used to hide units that would otherwise be shown but not the other way around. Also, this event does not allow to restrict purchasing units with faith.


void GameEvents.CityCanTrain(PlayerID player, CityID city, UnitType unitType)

Event Type



player: the index identifying the player who might or might not be able to construct
city: the index identifying the city that might or might not be able to construct
buildingType: the ID of the unit that might or might not be able to be constructed

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