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About the Civilization Modding Wiki

The Civilization Modding Wiki is a project to create a database of references and tutorials to mod the game Civilization. This wiki aims to become a place where modders can find reference materials about modding a specific file or tutorials on how to accomplish specific tasks. Our goal is to be a reliable and comprehensive reference for all things related to Civilization modding. This wiki is hosted by CivFanatics Center, a fan site with a community devoted to Civilization.

Getting Started

To get started, simply find a page you want to edit (note: you will need to create an account and confirm your email address to create/edit pages; usernames must be 8 characters or less). Red links in pages go to a page that does not yet exist. To edit a page, click on the edit tab on the top of the page. When creating a page, keep in mind that some pages, such as the XML pages for Civilization IV, have a specific format. The templates for these pages can be found on the bottom right of the main page.