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Code Result
{|cellspacing="4" cellpadding="0" width="100%" 
| [[File:Civ5-16.png|Base game]] || [[File:GK.png|Gods & Kings]] || ||
{{FuncInfos5|yes|maybe|yes|here is some help|warning}}
{{FuncInfos5|yes|maybe|yes|here is some help}}
Base game Gods & Kings
Check.png Question.png Star.png Exclamation.png
Check.png Question.png Star.png Speech.png
CheckButZero.png Question.png Star.png Speech.png
Cross.png Check.png Star.png Speech.png


  • availability1: yes|yesNeverUsed|maybe|no
  • availability2: yes|yesNeverUsed|maybe|no
  • hasDetailledInfos: yes|no
  • note: a comment about this function (may be blank).
  • warning: warning when set, a warning icon will be displayed for the comment instead of the usual speech icon..