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I'm TC01 on CFC forums, you can PM me in the link I just gave. I mod, and often when I have time, and thus have many projects and ideas for projects. All for Civilization IV, though. Below follows a list of them.

  • For Civilization IV: Fall from Heaven 2
    • Blizzards v1.1 (Available for Fall Further here): Link
    • Frozen v0.8 (Available for Fall Further here): Link
  • For Civilization IV: Final Frontier
    • Final Frontier Worldbuilder v0.9: Link
    • Wormholes v1.2 (Available for Star Trek Mod here): Link
    • Cloaking Devices v1.2 (Only available for Star Trek): Link
  • For Civilization IV: Colonization
    • Continents Mapscript: Link
    • NorthAfrica Mapscript: Link
    • Westward Ho v0.31: Link