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Do not edit schema files unless you know EXACTLY what you are doing!!!

Civ IV uses the DLL (editable through the SDK) to read the Schema files, and then uses the Schema data to parse the XML. Messing with the Schema and not making appropriate changes to the SDK can result in the game crashing. Any changes to the Schema must be reflected in the SDK. Removing schema entries without changing the DLL appropriately will result in a crash, while adding entries without editing the SDK will simply cause nothing to happen. Changes to the schema files also must be reflected in the XML files they are used for.

Schema Table

This table lists the files affected by each schema file.

Schema File Files Affected
Civ4GlobalDefinesSchema Most files in Assets\XML (but not subfolders)
Civ4GlobalTypesSchema GlobalTypes.xml
Civ4ArtDefinesSchema All files in XML\Art
AudioDefinesSchema AudioDefines.xml
AudioScriptSchema Most files in XML\Audio
Civ4BasicInfoSchema All files in XML\BasicInfos
Civ4BuildingsSchema Most files in XML\Buildings
Civ4LSystemSchema Civ4CityLSystem.xml, Civ4PlotLSystem.xml
Civ4CivilizationsSchema All files in XML\Civilizations
Civ4EventSchema All files in XML\Events
Civ4GameInfoSchema All files in XML\GameInfo
Civ4InterfaceSchema All files in XML\Interface
Civ4DetailManagerSchema Civ4DetailManager.xml
Civ4MiscSchema Most files in XML\Misc
Civ4TutorialSchema Civ4TutorialInfos.xml
Civ4TechnologiesSchema All files in XML\Technologies
Civ4TerrainSchema All files in XML\Terrain
Civ4FormationSchema Civ4FormationInfos.xml
Civ4UnitSchema Most files in XML\Units