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The CvCity file controls everything that occurs in each city in the game. Everything from Religion spread, Meltdowns, and city growth are controlled here.

The SDK files are written in the C++ programming language. They can be edited in a text editor such as notepad or in a programming editor like Microsoft's Visual Studio.

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Below is a list of all the functions in the file. Each function has a quick description attached to it. Note that there are comments strewn throughout some of these files, direct from the developers in order to aid the potential modders. All these functions are in the class CvCity.

Function Parameters Return Type Description
CvCity::CvCity() None Void Initializes and creates references for the arrays for each city ID
CvCity::~CvCity() None Void Clears the arrays of all data and size
CvCity::init() int iID, PlayerTypes eOwner, int iX, int iY, bool bBumpUnits, bool bUpdatePlotGroups Void Begins the initial city setup, finds the plot the city is located on, updates the city's culture, line of sight, destroys any features the city is built on top of, adds a road underneath the city, adds any initial free buildings, etc...
CvCity::uninit() None Void Clears all the arrays of size and data, for when the game is shutting down, or the city is destroyed.
CvCity::reset() int iID, PlayerTypes eOwner, int iX, int iY, bool bConstructorCall Void Initializes all variables and arrays to their default value (usually 0 or -1)
CvCity::setupGraphical() None Void Sets up the graphical display for the city
CvCity::kill bool bUpdatePlotGroups Void Destroys the city, called when the city is razed.
CvCity::doTurn() None Void Called each turn by CvGame. Does all of the standard actions a city experiences, growth, religion spread, Great People, Production... etc..
CvCity::isCitySelected() None Boolean returns true or false if a particular city is selected or not
CvCity::canBeSelected() None Boolean Called to see if the active team member can select the city in question or not.
CvCity::updateSelectedCity() bool bTestProduction Void Updates the selected cities symbols and surrounding tiles.
CvCity::updateYield() None Void Loops through each city plot and calls the CvPlot::updateYield() function.
CvCity::updateVisibility() None Void Called at the start of the game and removes the fog of war and adds visibility for the city
CvCity::createGreatPeople() UnitTypes eGreatPersonUnit, bool bIncrementThreshold, bool bIncrementExperience Void Calls the CvPlayer::createGreatPeople function.
CvCity::doTask() TaskTypes eTask, int iData1, int iData2, bool bOption, bool bAlt, bool bShift, bool bCtrl Void Called when a player commands a city to do a task (like hurry production), and calls the function for the specific task that was called, or does nothing if it is given an invalid task type.
CvCity::chooseProduction() UnitTypes eTrainUnit, BuildingTypes eConstructBuilding, ProjectTypes eCreateProject, bool bFinish, bool bFront Void Creates the pop-up for the human player to choose the next construction project that the city will have, and fills it with the recommended unit, or recommended building, or the recommended project. This function is only used for the human player.
CvCity::getCityPlotIndex() CvPlot* pPlot Int Returns the index number of the plot given.
CvCity::getCityIndexPlot() int iIndex CvPlot* Returns plot X,Y coordinates of the given index number.
CvCity::canWork() CvPlot* pPlot Boolean Given a plot, canWork() returns true or false if the city can work the plot.
CvCity::verifyWorkingPlot() int iIndex Void Ensures that the plot with the given index in the city is being worked is updated graphically and marked internally as being worked.
CvCity::verifyWorkingPlot() None Void Loops through all the city plots an calls verifyWorkingPlot() for each one.
CvCity::clearWorkingOverride() int iIndex Void Given a city plot index, clearWorkingOverride() overrides any previous settings and marks the plot as unworked.
CvCity::countNumImprovedPlots() ImprovementTypes eImprovement, bool bPotential Int Checks all the cities tiles for the given improvement type. If bPotential is true, it also counts possible sites for the given improvement.
CvCity::countNumWaterPlots() None Int Returns the number of the water tiles in the cities radius.
CvCity::countNumRiverPlots() None Int Returns the number of the tiles with a river on them in the cities radius.
CvCity::findPopulationRank() None Int Returns the rank of the city vs all other of the player's cities population. A Higher rank equates to a higher relative population.
CvCity::findBaseYieldRateRank() YieldTypes eYield Int Returns the rank of the city vs all other of the player's cities, for the given base yield type. A Higher rank equates to a higher relative yield.
CvCity::findYieldRateRank() YieldTypes eYield Int Returns the rank of the city vs all other of the player's cities, for the given yield type, after all yield modifiers have been applied (from civics, buildings, etc...). A Higher rank equates to a higher relative yield.
!CvCity::findCommerceRateRank() CommerceTypes eCommerce Int Returns the rank of the city vs all other of the player's cities, for the given commerce type. A Higher rank equates to a higher relative commerce.
CvCity::allUpgradesAvailable() UnitTypes eUnit, int iUpgradeCount UnitTypes Returns the unittype of the upgrade unit for the given unit, if any is available. If none are available, returns -1 (NO_UNIT).
CvCity::isWorldWondersMaxed() None Boolean Returns true if the city has exceeded the maximum limit for world wonders.
CvCity::isTeamWondersMaxed() None Boolean Returns true if the city has exceeded the maximum limit for team wonders.
CvCity::isNationalWondersMaxed() None Boolean Returns true if the city has exceeded the maximum limit for national wonders.
CvCity::isBuildingsMaxed() None Boolean Returns true if the city has exceeded the maximum limit for the # of buildings.
CvCity::getFoodTurnsLeft() None Int Get the number of turns left, until city will grow, according to current food left and current growth treshold





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Note: this file list is for Beyond the Sword 3.19; other versions/patches may have slightly different files.