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The Civ4SpecialistInfos file defines the attributes for each type of city specialist (Priest, Scientist, Merchant, etc.) and settled Great Person.

All tags must be opened and closed; the first is the "open", the second the "close" tag. If nothing goes inside a "list tag", then it should just be the opening tag with a "/" before the closing bracket. The following tables contain all available tags, as well as their purpose and accepted values.

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These tags typically bracket other tags, sometimes the entire file, and are generally used to specify more than one piece of data.

Tag Name Description
SpecialistInfos Begins and ends the file. All info goes in between the two instances of this tag.
SpecialistInfo Information for each specialist is contained inside of these tags.


Tag Name Description
Type The name of this specialist used internally by the game.
Description This value refers to an entry in the Civ4GameTextInfos_Objects file that controls the display name of this specialist in various languages (i.e. Citizen versus Citoyen).
Civilopedia This refers to the entry in the Civ4GameText_Civilopedia_Concepts file that contains the specialist's Civilopedia text.
Strategy This tag links to an entry in the text files which describes to the player how to use this specialist.
GreatPeopleUnitClass If the specialist generates Great Person Points, this value specifies for what Great Person unit type it does so. Else, NONE.


All of these tags have a numerical value. Though it sometimes can be negative, it usually is not.

Tag Name Description
iGreatPeopleRateChange If GreatPeopleUnitClass is not NONE (that is, the specialist generates Great People Points), this sets the number of GPP per turn (default is 3).
iCommerce Used in conjunction with the Commerces list tag. Specifies the number of various types of commerce per turn. See below.
iExperience Gives units built in this set an additional amount of experience points (default for settled Great General is 2 XP).
iHotKeyPriority Unknown. Used in conjunction with the HotKey list tag.


All of these can either be 1 (on, or true) or 0 (off, or false). Be careful, as you can wind up with a double-negative, which the game will interpret as "True".

Tag Name Description
bVisible If 1, the specialist is displayed where the default Priest, Engineer, etc. specialists are located in the game. If 0, the specialist is located at the bottom right of the city screen, where the default settled Great People are situated.
bAltDown Unknown. Used in conjunction with the HotKey tag.
bShiftDown Unknown. Used in conjunction with the HotKey tag.
bCtrlDown Unknown. Used in conjunction with the HotKey tag.

Lists (Multi-line)

All List tags consist of an opening/closing tag, which is shown here, and then each entry within it is another tag with the same name as the parent tag, minus the "s" (i.e. singular, rather than plural).

Tag Name Description
Help Unknown. Not used for the default specialists.
Yields Controls the specialist's output of food, hammers, and commerce per turn, in that order. Inside of this tag, there are three instances of the iYield tag, increasing the particular output by the specified amount per turn.
Commerces Controls the specialist's output of gold, beakers, culture, and espionage points per turn, in that order. Inside of this tag, there are three (or four, if espionage is affected) instances of the iCommerce tag, increasing the particular output by the specified amount per turn.
Flavors Unknown. Not used for the default specialists. Intended to give weightings to certain specialists and influence the AI's decision-making.
HotKey Unknown. Not used for the default specialists.


These tags are directly related to the rendering of art for the entry.

Tag Name Description
Texture Gives the directory path to the texture file used for this specialist. The default images are located in Art/Interface/MainScreen/CityScreen/.
Button Gives the directory path to the button file used for this specialist. For the game's default specialists, this is the same image as the above texture file.


In the following example of code, please note that there is a specific order of all of the tags. You must list the tags in this order for the game to properly interpret your file.





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